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Monday, February 10, 2014

Ulver Europa: February MMXIV Part I

Half way through the "improv" tour. Lost in moments.

Helsinki - First show, so a bit ropey. Sorry we didn't summon the vortex this time. Thanks to Eeka for the marvelous microbrewery selection. Snow kingdom outside, burning indie disco inside.

Gdansk - Still seeking the mojo. Playing below zero didn't help. The jolly green giant came stomping in to save us from ourselves.

Berlin - The first jaunt into ecstasis. Always love staying in the Michelberger. Ganesha presiding.

Prague - Heroin set, post Berlin-bliss. Good vibes nonetheless. First good nights sleep. Sleep is very important.

Zurich - Really finding form. Felt great. Hoping for even finer form tonight in Vienna.



  1. The Zurich-gig yesterday was wonderful! Way more percussive, rhythmic and "rockier" than expected (your bass playing, hot damn!), loved the jams and the newly arranged/drawn out songs. And the two toddlers in the front row were adorable :)

  2. looking foward to hearing some great shit on sunday in rome

  3. Replies
    1. I'm sure you can read between the lines Karolina. : )

    2. OK :-) By the way concert in Gdansk was worth to almost freeze to death.