A dossier of illuminations and orientations relating to the work of Daniel O'Sullivan.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Remain The Fool

Another song from my forthcoming record with Richard. Another magic carpet ride directed by Harry Miller. Pre-order the album here.


Thursday, October 22, 2020

Don't Hang With Angels

Very pleased to announce a new collaboration with my friend Richard Youngs. Our debut album 'Twelve Of Hearts' is out December 1st (somebody's birthday) on O Genesis Recordings. Enjoy Harry Miller's video for 'Don't Hang With Angels'. Pre-order the album here.

Friday, October 2, 2020

DO'S /// Electric Māyā Tees

Get yourself some D'OS couture! Designed by the great Mark Titchner. To accompany the release of Electric Māyā: Dream Flotsam & Astral Hinterlands on VHF Records. Organic cotton in vintage white, sky blue and spectra yellow. Order direct from Print Social, HERE.


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Electric Māyā

Dear world, here's the first in a series of LP's made for the KPM Music Library issued on vinyl by VHF Records. Electric Māyā: Dream Flotsam and & Astral Hinterlands is out October 23rd. Pre-order, sounds and semantic inquiry into the hermetic nature of library musick over here.


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Colour Of Entropy (In Three Stages)

I have a new record coming out. A fourteen minute song made of three songs. One red, one blue, one yellow. Primary school. Featuring Dream Lion and Echo Collective alumni, this music was made in response to a ring. A series curated by Sleeperhold Publications of Antwerp. Artwork and etchings by Felicia Atkinson. Mastered by Matt Colton at Metropolis. This will not be available on digital platforms for the time being. Limited to 350 copies.

Pre-order and audio link HERE.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Ivy on the air

Ivy made this podcast for Soho Radio in 2018 (she was 7). Playing her favourite tunes by kids and adding some "fun facts, fun facts, fuuunnn faaaccctttsss". Talking about Jackson 5, The Shaggs, The Wouldbegoods, Shirley Temple, Langley Schools Music Project, Slint, etc. Plus she interviews The Honey Hahs in their native suburban Nunhead. Gawd bless her.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Musick For Ark Todd

Music originally issued on a limited edition cassette by Strange Attractor Press to accompany a book of drawings by my dear friend and incredible multi-disciplinary artist, Ian Johnstone. Now available digitally from my bandcamp page.

Swarming Shapes: Musick For Ark Todd
By Daniel O’Sullivan

A: The Levitating Moon Piece
B: Black Egg / Orpheus

I wrote several pieces of music for Ian’s ‘Ark Todd’ static levitation performance over the years. Each setting provoked a different approach. The collaboration with Ulver at the Norwegian Opera house in Oslo was well documented but this particular version, composed for the exhibition of his Stab Wounds at the Horse Hospital gallery in Bloomsbury, has been resting dormant until now.

The second piece was a commission for The Place Theatre, also in Bloomsbury. An unfinished piece of choreography with dancer and vocalist Francois Testory. Like all of Ian’s work, this was a singular vision probing the human condition and meticulously scratching for truth under every surface.

Born in Cumbria, September 2nd, 1967, year of the goat, raised by his loving parents Herbert and Muriel Johnstone. He graduated in fine art at Middlesex university, where he cultivated Mr. Todd - a recurring performance motif hybridising the hunted fox, the poisoned seagull, the Edwardian philanthropist in Disneyland biting at the moon in perpetual levitation and static petrification. Partner of body artist Alan Oversby (Mr. Sebastian). Partner and muse of Geoff Rushton (Jjohn Balance). Made several costumes and artworks for Coil including Black Antlers, the Racing Green box and The Ape Of Naples. He performed live on stage with Mothlite and Ulver, the latter of which was a performance of Mr. Todd's levitation piece and The Leg Cutter at the Norwegian National Opera house. He was a radical permaculturalist, beekeeper and savant of medicinal plants. The main concern in his later years was Cantu Fermusu, Several acres of woodland in the Asturian mountains which he cultivated with Mikel Quirós. He was a master craftsman, discerning to the finest detail, humble and kind, self-critical and irreverent, in love with nature, at war with the patriarchy. A good animal, true to his animal instincts. He passed away under an Acer tree in Asturias, June 30th, 2015.

Order the book/tape here:

Honour Wave in British Animation Awards

A few months back, The McLeod brothers surprised me with an animated video for a song called Honour Wave from my last album Folly. It's a beautiful dream world and now it's a finalist in the British Animation Awards. Good luck boys! I forgot to post it here, so check it out.