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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Physic Garden

My first collection of instrumentals for KPM is called The Physic Garden and is steaming on the EMI Production Music website now. Click here to check it out.

The Physic Garden was inspired by my favourite green spaces, from manicured gardens and follies to urban common land, overgrown and forgotten. The invitation to make "library music" initially transported me back to those sepia tinted memories of Arena documentaries and public information broadcasts; Penguin Cafe, Nyman and Greenaway; late night screenings of weird arthouse, sci-fi and B movies on Channel 4. You know when you’re eleven years old and suddenly you’re watching a Hal Hartley film or Fitzcarraldo or something. Other things like the rope swing over the brook in the local park and the strawberries climbing the trellis in my grandmother's garden. All these sights, sounds and smells coincide with the verdant swathe of vistas from recent times. Visiting bio-luminescent trees in the Peruvian Amazon, Watching my daughter scale the towering holly and juniper in the strange Victorian mews where we live. Sometimes a warm memory can be convalescent, particularly when it takes the shape of music. 

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